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February - Gidlow Wash

“A single hopped pale ale”

Originally brewed back in 2014 to showcase a new experimental hop variety, 5-256; the hop has now been named Eureka, after briefly been sold as “Pinefruit”; a very fitting description! This hop gives a dank and juicy hop forward aroma with the taste following the smell; citrus/grapefruit notes are there but not overpowering with comfortable resin/pine following with some mint but the latter being a little hard to distinguish on the back end; some say it is Simcoe and Summit like. We say it is like Pinefruit!


The key is not to overpower a beer. The aromatics of Thai food match those of a herbaceous pale ale; so Gidlow Fold would go great with say a green curry – the lemongrass and coriander merging with the citrus & herbal notes. Something salty and oily would also work well as Gidlow Fold’s resinous consistency would completely clean the palate after every gulp, so it would be a great match to burgers, but make sure your toppings aren’t too aggressive – avoid a full blue cheese attack! From Mexico, fajitas would also have the right level of spice to harmonise well with this beer too.

N.B. This was not a coal pit/mine name but the name of a wash area where coal was washed of soil and dirt and then graded before sale.

  • STYLE American Pale Ale
  • ABV 4.1%