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December - Cripplegate Sloe Stout

“A complex fruit stout”

Brewed to the same recipe as our SIBA National Gold Award Winning stout Mad Monk; but to a slightly higher ABV; Cripplegate Sloe Stout is loaded with the same chocolate & coffee aromas and roast notes but to each firkin we add wonderful freshly picked organic sloe berries and allow the beer to condition in cask for two months.

The acidity of the sloes provides a perfect foil to this complex beer and additional conditioning also dries the beer. It is perhaps best served simply on gravity behind the bar, at room temperature, rather than chilled in a cellar, otherwise the Sloe flavours are hidden. If it is served chilled, simply leave it to warm up and then please drink it sloely!

  • STYLE Fruit Beer
  • ABV 7.2%