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May - Barley Brook

“A classic Dark Ruby Mild”

Originally brewed in 2010 as Weapon of Mash Destruction. Typical of a Black Country Mild, it is intensely dark, almost black in colour, with a lovely red tinge. It has a coffee coloured head, bubbly to begin with, but settles down quickly to form a thickish covering. The aromas are predominantly malty, but with a pleasant fruit smell – almost wine-like and seem to smell of grapes, plums and raisins. The texture is rich and full bodied for a Mild. It feels smooth in the mouth and has a silky texture. To start it seems very sweet, but this is replaced by an increasing bitter dryness that comes through in the finish. The aftertaste is lingering and has a pleasant fruit aspect.

  • STYLE A Black Country style Ruby Mild
  • ABV 4.4%%