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Monthly Beers

Whenever the devil harasses you, seek the company of men or drink more, or joke and talk nonsense, or do some other merry thing. Sometimes we must drink more, sport, recreate ourselves, and even sin a little to spite the devil, so that we leave him no place for troubling our consciences with trifles. We are conquered if we try too conscientiously not to sin at all. So when the devil says to you: do not drink, answer him: I will drink, and right freely, just because you tell me not to.


The great reformer Martin Luther was a man of startling contrasts – a brilliant mind, courageous, determined, yet violent tempered and belligerent. In addition, he was also an absolute beer-monster who revelled in the fact that he could (and often did) drink his students under the table.

Beer was very much a part of everyday life for him, as well as being an important part of his relationships with other people. His wife Katherine (or “Katie” as he affectionately called her) was an expert home brewer and in letters to her, when away, he laments the lack of her excellent beer. Well with AllGates, when in Wigan, you need not worry, you will never be far from a cracking pint.